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Our Mission

Scholarships Times is clearly focused to help students find funds  for their education at any level.


With a very well understood mission to develop the most trusted and widely-used college/university scholarships search and financial aid/grants information resources on the web world the Scholarships Times division of Blueprint Media Private Limited is working 24×7 for the same.


The mission that Scholarships Times has is giving a well crafted framework for BMPL to proceed. If we stay connected to our mission, we shall be able to make our vision a reality in no time.


Through Scholarships Times, BMPL is offering the power to the youth to appreciate and utilize the offering in this industry. The visitor can:
  1. rate the listing,
  2. like of dislike the information,
  3. ask questions,
  4. clarify their doubts through the interactive comment section

and this is something really unique and wonderful.


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  1. please, i want to study public administration in singapore and i wont a list of schools that can offer me scholaship to study.

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