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Finance Remains One of the Most Promising Fields for Future Graduates


When one sees the word “Finance” written as the name of a field of study, one can imagine something narrow and limited. This is far from the truth. Every industry has dedicated financiers, measuring data, managing budgets, and understanding how all business operations interrelate with the rest of the world. While a Freshman may undertake general courses on finance and ...

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Job Search for Still Employed: How to Start


If you don’t feel like your current job is satisfying you anymore – whether it is because it does not meet your career goals, or does not bring enough money to pay the bills, it might be a high time for you to look for another job. Looking for the vacancies at www.jobtonic.in or other resources is a good idea. ...

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Getting a Job with a Master’s in Library Science


You love information, understand how to organize it, know where to find it, and aspire to make a career out of doing just that. Earning an advanced degree in library science can open up a world of employment opportunities beyond traditional librarian positions. Getting a job with a master’s in library science extends to various fields and industries. Here are ...

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How to handle scholarship essay writings?

Scholarship Essay Writing

When you are assigned the task of writing the scholar ship essays, then you are in a fix that how to handle it because for you it’s one of the typical task which needs to be taken care. You just don’t have to use the words but also make it remarkably outstanding, so that instructor or your professor get’s glued ...

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Apprenticeships: What are they?


A 15% rise in the amount of 16 and 17 year olds going into apprenticeships, rather than continuing with A-Levels, proves that rising student debt and cost of living is encouraging youths to take on work from a younger age to support themselves. A recentarticle from the Daily Mail found that 49,228 young people joined an apprenticeship scheme this year, ...

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College: The Way Forward For Higher Earnings

graduate program

According to the National Center for Education, the average salary in the U.S. for a bachelor’s degree is $45,000, with an associate’s degree earning $37,000. For those without a college degree, the earning power goes all the way down to $30,000. So even though there is a steep cost associated with college, it’s soon brought back with higher earning power. ...

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Furthering Your Education as a Nurse


As a nurse, you work hard to serve your patients every day. Even if you are receiving a competitive level of compensation at your position, you are probably still interested in ways to increase your income while doing what you love. Higher education is strongly correlated to a higher income, so furthering your education is one of the best things ...

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The value of university – where can you find it?

Paying attention

With the rising cost of university, you might expect campus buildings to be drenched with gold, the tutors to be suited and booted like cast members from Downton Abbey and the courses to include elaborate sci-fi devices that ping information directly into your brain. But, no – despite a trebling of tuition fees over the past four years, universities still ...

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The Next Generation of Textbooks for the Next Generation of Students

There are so many ways textbooks can and should change that it is difficult to know where to begin. The most unchanged and unchallenged part of the education system has got to be the textbook. Sure, academic challenges abound with regards to specific textbooks. There is always a debate over using this textbook or that. But seldom, if ever, is ...

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How School Could Help You Pass Your Driving Test

Driving Test

Getting your driver’s licence is an exciting milestone in your path to adulthood. However, passing the driving theory test and driving practical test feels like an initiation rite and you can’t help but feel anxious about it. However, you need not worry. School life has prepared you well enough for this ordeal, even if you don’t realise it yet. Here’s ...

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