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Finance Remains One of the Most Promising Fields for Future Graduates

mortgage-refinance-ratesWhen one sees the word “Finance” written as the name of a field of study, one can imagine something narrow and limited. This is far from the truth. Every industry has dedicated financiers, measuring data, managing budgets, and understanding how all business operations interrelate with the rest of the world. While a Freshman may undertake general courses on finance and economics, 3rd and 4th year students select paths that are much more specialized. A finance graduate can find a job in many industries, in many locations. Pay is competitive and job security is high. As is usually the case, the need for good financial minds far outpaces the supply.

Because finance isn’t taught in public school curricula, most people’s knowledge of even personal finance is limited to what they learned from their parents, their own trial and error, and what they’ve picked up from books and top personal finance blogs. The real finance industry is much more complex than even the most complex aspects of personal finance. It’s not an industry someone can just break into without years of preparation. There are many different finance degrees to pursue. Here are just a few of the best prospects.

  • This is for students who want to do business on the highest level, like the CEO of Betterment. Some of these may join companies hoping to command them someday. Others will start businesses of their own. Even within this field of study, there are a diversity of directions to take, from product development to capital management. Though compensation upon graduation is diverse, these students are, over all, some of the highest paid among all students of finance.
  • Accounting. This is another diverse field. Graduates can work from within specific companies and industries, or work as outside consultants, even with their own practices. Some accountants work at the state and federal level. Others work specifically with the public. Analysts, auditors, budget managers, tax specialists, and many others all count accountants among their ranks. Wages are as diverse as the positions available.
  • Marketing. This is yet another endlessly varied industry. Because marketing is using money to make brand advances in public consciousness, there are myriad ways to accomplish this. Marketing agencies are multi-faceted, with creative operating alongside purely financial minds. In order to make the most headway, every department within marketing must be working in unison, and financial graduates always have a seat at the table. Financial marketers are employable in companies of every level, from 5 employees to 50,000.

These are just three of the many fields of study within Finance. See what’s available, what your interests are, and what your future goals are for income and employment. Finance is one of the most secure industries to become a part of. Though it changes every day, you’ll set yourself up to keep up with the trends in this dynamic field, with a degree in one of these realms of finance.

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