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Taiwan Embassy Announces 2012 ICDF Scholarship Programmes

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Banjul announced the opening of 2012 International Higher Education Scholarship Programmes for application. According to a media release from the Embassy, the scholarships are lodged in 28 fields, including seven bachelor programmes (four years), 19 master programmes (two years) and 2 Ph.D. programmes (three years).

The release further stated that the programmes are sponsored by the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development (ICDF). It said the scholarship package would include two-way air ticket, tuition and credit fees, insurance and monthly allowances (equal to US$400 ).

Each programme, the release added, has its own deadline of submission falling in between early March and April 2012 and applicants must also submit the complete forms to the Embassy at least 10 days before each school’s deadline and for further processing.

“There were 27 scholarship winners from The Gambia in 2011. The applicants from the government sector are welcome to acquire the full information from the Personnel Management Office (PMO), while other applicants could do so from the University of The Gambia (UTG). It is also encouraged to visit ICDF online (www.icdf.org.tw) and individual school’s website for more information,” the release concluded.


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