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Discretionary Fund by Glasgow Caledonian University

Discretionary Fund

This is a non- repayable Government fund administered by the Student Funding Team.

Who gets help?

The Discretionary Fund is aimed at assisting students who experience financial difficulty during their course. Some groups of students are given priority:

Single parents, Students with other dependents, Disabled students, Independent students, Postgraduate students, Part- Time students

You need to provide documentation that shows you have taken out the maximum student loan that you are entitled to for the current academic year. No evidence of student loan is required for full time postgraduate students or part time students who are unable to take out a student loan, however, postgraduate students applying to the University Discretionary Fund will be required to provide evidence of funding already in place for living costs during their studies.

Part-time students can only apply for help with study costs, travel and childcare. In order to apply to this fund, part-time students should complete the relevant section within the PINK Fee waiver application form which can be obtained from the Base or the Carnegie Suite in the Saltire Centre. If applying for childcare your carer will need to complete a Carer Form which you can also obtain from the Base or the Carnegie Suite. Alternatively you can download the Carer Form below.

International, EU students and students who are fully funded by an NHS bursary, are not eligible to apply to this fund.

RUK Bursary

The RUK Bursary is offered to English, Welsh and Northern Ireland undergraduate students who have applied for their full student loan entitlement. Apply through the Discretionary Fund by completing a Financial Assistance form, see details below.

If you would like to discuss your own financial situation, make an appointment at The Base in the Saltire Centre to see a Student Funding Adviser or ask about our Drop-In sessions.

How to apply

Full time students should collect a WHITE financial assistance form from The Base, in the Saltire Centre, or the Carnegie Suite or you can download a financial assistance form during term time.

Remember to complete all pages of the form. Once you have completed the application take or post the form (including supporting photocopied documentation) to the Post Box at The Base in the Saltire Centre.

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